One of the most common questions I'm asked is, 'So what's OMEEK about?' I've grappled with scripted responses, feeling disconnected from my brand's essence. But I've learned authenticity is key. Instead of hiding behind a facade, I've embraced vulnerability, sharing my story organically. It's through this journey that the true 'why' of OMEEK unfolds

My journey with OMEEK is intertwined with a deeply personal struggle—a battle against childhood anxiety disorder that threatened to eclipse who I was. Growing up in West Point, Utah, amidst sprawling farmland and a conservative ethos, I encountered a beacon of individuality that forever altered my perspective. As a kid, I was made fun of for being the smallest, having crooked teeth, not being athletic, and being oddly riddled with countless irrational fears and extreme anxious attachments I never asked for... and yet, I found freedom, in my board, in this new world.

Reluctant to venture beyond the safety of those I trusted, it was within this cocoon of apprehension that skateboarding emerged as a transformative force in my life. Then, in the dawn of the 90s, everything changed for me. Accompanying my sister to her friend's house, I entered his garage and saw a mini ramp. I couldn't believe my eyes; it was incredible, a way out of my inner hell. This ramp stood as a testament to defiance—an oasis of freedom amidst the conformity of our small town. It was there, in the presence of my sister's friend, a local legend named Nate Hopewell, that I received a simple yet transformative treasure—one of his old skateboards. Opening that brown box felt akin to drawing Excalibur from its stone; it was my passport to a world of culture, streetwear, and art.

Back to what OMEEK is about, it's just that—this story of small-town inclusion and local legends—an invitation to embrace bravery, wherever you are and whoever you are, release inhibitions, and surrender to life's ever-flowing currents. It's about fostering a community of adventurers who dare to push beyond their comfort zones and explore the vast landscapes of human experience while growing in ourselves and encouraging others along the way.

To this day, the echoes of skateboards cracking against pavement still bring me back to that day, a reminder of the boundless freedom that awaits those who dare to step outside their doors.

So, to my friends, both old and new, I present OMEEK—a testament to the courage to let go, embrace the unknown, and revel in the wondrous adventure of life's flow.

Be Brave, Let Go, and Adventure in flow.

- Nick D'Amico,
Founder/Designer, OMEEK

Nick D'Amico